Creative Ways to Ask Someone to Sadies

October 24, 2012 • Jewel Barlow, Writer  
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The second school dance will be here before you know it and the last thing you want to do is ask someone at the last minute. If you know who to ask but don’t know how here are a list of 5 creative ways to ask someone to Sadie Hawkins.

Write it in their classroom before they get there. You could write it anywhere from on the board or on a note on their desk. This idea is great for everyone because you can choose to be bold and write the message somewhere big for everyone to see or just for only the special someone.

Write the message on their car. Using car paint, sticky notes, or anything else non-damaging to the person’s car is a great and memorable way to ask someone to Sadie’s.

Make the person cupcakes. This idea is one of the “sweetest” ways to ask someone because not only will they have a date but they will also have a tasty snack. Just bake six or seven cupcakes, depending on if you want to put the question mark on a cupcake, and give the cupcakes to person you are going to ask.

Write “Sadies?” on their sports equipment. If the person you are asking plays a sport an easy and creative way to ask them is to just write “Sadies?” on the equipment of the sport they play (ex: soccer ball, baseball, basketball, etc.) This is probably the easiest way to ask someone but it is also a nicer way to ask someone because they will always have something to remember how they were asked that year.

Make a giant banner and hang it somewhere he will find it. This idea is mostly for people who want to be bold while asking someone to the dance. Write the person’s name and “Sadies?” on a banner and hang it in their classroom, at the sporting event, etc. This idea is one of my favorites.

Hopefully these ideas helped you with how you are going to ask someone to Sadies Hawkins this year!\

The Sadies Dance will be on November 17th!


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